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Daily Duties-Pancha Yagna

These are the minimal practices which guide a person in everyday life and ensure peace, material and spiritual prosperity.

  • Worship God (Deva Yagna) in the form of a family deity (Ishta Devata) in the home shrine through prayers and meditations.  Tradition says that “a family that prays together stays together.”
  • Study Vedas and other scriptures (Brahma Yagna). This practice refreshes one’s mind with sacred knowledge and also helps to preserve and enrich such knowledge.
  • Contemplate on the teachings of the sages, saints, holy men and women, and one’s forefathers (Pitri Yagna). This practice is intended to serve as a reminder to preserve, enrich and continue one’s cultural heritage and family values.
  • Bhuta Yagna:- This practice is intended to create the spirit of sharing with others.
  • Nara Yagna:- This practice is the basis for the traditional hospitality of Hindu households.

Lakshmir Panchali


The literal meaning of Panchali is `five-edged debate`. Panchali is a living Bengali tradition in the form of anecdotal narratives, extolling divinities in the classical Hindu pantheon as well as the more popular folk deities worshipped by different communities. The Panchalis most widely read in Bengali homes include those glorifying the goddess Lakshmi .Women recite it on Thursdays.

Women as saviour of race

If a woman is pure she can save and purify man. She can purify the race. She can make a home a sacred temple.

Hindu women have been the custodians of the Hindu race.

Hindu religion and civilisation still survive in spite of the many foreign invasions. Other civilisations have come and gone, but only Hindu civilisation has survived on account of the purity of Hindu women. The women are taught to regard chastity as their most priceless possession, and the loss of it equal to the eternal damnation of their soul.

From their very childhood religion is ingrained in Hindu women. As such they illumine and enliven the home through the glory of their purity. This is the secret of the endurance of the Hindu religion, civilisation and culture