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Apur Sansar

Apur Sansar details ¬†Apu and Aparna’s married life — how they initially come together as strangers then grow to love and understand one another

This is common in most Bengali arranged Marriages.

Also Aparna comes from a rich family, and she has to adjust in a jobless , aspiring writer’s home i.e. in a rented room next to a busy railway yard.

She seamlessly integrates herself into this new environment which is quite different from her parental home.

Apur Sansar




Mahanagar is a 1963 film directed by Satyajit Ray. It is sometimes released as The Big City in the English-speaking world. It tells the story of a housewife who disconcerts her traditionalist family by getting a job as a salesperson.

It explores the evolving independence of a middle-class woman, Arati Mazumdar as she takes her first job because of increasing financial pressure due to her husband’s income not being enough for the family to live on. This decision is purely a financial one and is made in spite of opposition from both families. Arati subsequently grows to delight in her newfound financial and psychological independence .She befriends an Anglo-Indian colleague and picks up bad habits. This subsequently leads to friction in the family.

The film shows the dangers of middle class woman working outside the home and its detrimental effect on the family (Even though the family grows financially sounder).