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Women and career

A married life, where the wife enjoys the respect of her husband and authority over her household, holds as much dignity as the most esteemed of careers, because it gives her the opportunity to create, preserve and protect the most precious possessions of her country, namely, the children of the nation.

In India, the servitors of a household address the mistress of the house as mother. The total stranger addresses every woman as mother. The deities of learning and prosperity are represented in the images of beautiful women, as motherhood incarnate. Before going on a journey and on returning, most Hindus touch the feet of their mothers. This apotheosis of motherhood is not the cult of a physical fact, but the idealization of the most sublime qualities of motherhood, of self-less devotion, unquestioning love and complete self-abnegation. From a woman worthy of being called mother, the Indian tradition expects perfect purity, loyalty and unselfishness. These qualities have a beauty of their own, and the Indian mother very often cares for no other aid to beauty.