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Lakshmir Panchali


The literal meaning of Panchali is `five-edged debate`. Panchali is a living Bengali tradition in the form of anecdotal narratives, extolling divinities in the classical Hindu pantheon as well as the more popular folk deities worshipped by different communities. The Panchalis most widely read in Bengali homes include those glorifying the goddess Lakshmi .Women recite it on Thursdays.


Bahishti Zewar (translated as Heavenly Ornaments)

Bahishti Zewar (translated as Heavenly Ornaments), was written by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullahe Alaihe  is a 8 volume comprehensive handbook for the education of girls and women. Among  Muslims, it is a popular practice to present this volume to a new bride. The motivation behind this gesture is that the young woman is taking up a new identity and new life as a wife and mother-to-be. She should be well versed in the rites, rituals and tradition of Islam.

Bahishti Zewar