All about Bengali Women.


People who are involved in sewing should be aware of the types of needles that exists.There are different kinds of needles available in market.

needle no-7
needle no-8
needle no-9
needle no-17
needle no-18
needle no-22

NEEDLE NO-7 ,8,9 These types of needles are used to sew with hands. Starters who wish to learn embroidery can use these types of needles.

NEEDLE NO-17 This needle is used for embroidery on canvass cloths. It is used to put embroidery on tough thick cloths.

NEEDLE NO-18 This needle is used for tarning purpose. The opposite ends of the needle are bigger. Particularly it is used in woolen cloths to do knitting work.

NEEDLE NO-22 This is used for embroidery works. It has sharper ends and smaller length.


sharps – n0. 7,9
betweens – no. 8,6
embroidery -no.7,9
darners -no.18,5
tapestry -no.17,22
chenille -n0.18


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