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Here are some of the harmful ingredients that you need to watch out for in your hair color.

Coal Tar

This ingredient is common in hair dyes that are deep and dark in color. In fact, according to a study, almost 71% of hair colors contain this hazardous ingredient. If there is one ingredient that surely irritates the skin of the scalp, it is coal tar because it is one of the many hair dye components that penetrate the skin. Furthermore, animal testing confirm that coal tar can also cause cancer in animals.

DMDM Hydantoin

This is a type of preservative that cannot only be seen in hair colors, but in many beauty products as well. Look at your favorite shampoo, conditioner or lotion and it is possible that you will see DMDM Hydantoin as one of the active ingredients.


Many people are familiar with this chemical because it is used to preserve cadavers. Various investigations have already confirmed that this preservative can cause cancer and reproductive problems. Women who are pregnant should never use any product that contains formaldehyde because it can cause problems detrimental to the healthy development of the fetus.

Phenyl methyl pyrazolone

This oxidizing agent can cause headache, cough, irritation, colds and even shortness of breath. Since this substance comes from coal tar, you can be sure that it is toxic and carcinogenic. Based on investigations, fetus exposed to this ingredient can have higher risk of learning difficulties. So pregnant women beware.


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