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Cooking-Ghoti vs Bangal

To talk, to someone from West Bengal, a Ghoti, he is likely to tell, that the uncivilized Bangals, from East Bengal know nothing about cooking, and that they ruin the food by drowning it in oil and spices, that they eat half-cooked fish and even the best of fish can be ruined by their peculiar habit of adding bitter to vegetables.

For, there part the East Bengali or the Bangal would decline, that the Ghotis are the greatest philistines on earth, who can cook nothing, without making it cloyingly sweet, or render all their dishes bland and colourless, and that they are hardly true Bengalis, for they prefer to eat wheat – flour chapaties instead of rice, especially at dinner.


Comments on: "Cooking-Ghoti vs Bangal" (2)

  1. Koushik Ghosh said:

    ghotis food habits are much healthier than bangals

  2. Sushmit Roy Chowdhury said:

    Bangal dishes are always more exotic and expensive as well…. 😉

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