All about Bengali Women.

Morality is both an individual and social phenomenon. It tells you how to be happy. It’s a kind of a secret a key that guides you to get the maximum joy, pleasure, meaning, satisfaction, peace of mind, and many other good things out of life. And morality teaches us how to win the never-ending battle royal of good vs. evil.

Modern western society scoffs at the very mention of words such as morality, decency and modesty. These are regarded as old-fashioned and incongruous with today’s culture of liberalism and unfettered freedom. Immodesty, immorality, shamelessness and fornication are regarded as progressive and fashionable.

Yet this has been the very cause of the destruction of today’s family. Too many a happy home has broken due to infidelity, leaving in its trail misery, heartache and an unstable society. Fornication also leads to illegitimate and unwanted children who become a massive problem unto society due to lack of proper parental supervision.

Immorality is truly a curse on mankind and society.

  •  Today every other child in the U.S. is born out of wedlock.
  • Thirty-eight percent of children in the U.S. now live without a biological father;
  • 6.6 million children in the U.S. live with divorced single parents, mostly mothers whose ex-husbands tend to fade away from their children.

This gruesome picture is the direct result of the absence of morality, decency and modesty in the U.S. and, unfortunately most of the Western world, and parts of Eastern societies.

  • Today, adultery and fornication are no longer viewed as the deadly crimes and sins they really are and are in fact commonplace.
  • Married men are expected to have several mistresses in some places.
  • Premarital sex is now considered quite acceptable, normal, well within the bounds of morality, and indeed desirable.

It has been this way for a long time and you can say it has become part of the “American Way”. Dating begins at a very young age and every socially well-adjusted youngster is expected to have several girlfriends and boyfriends by a certain age. Couples are expected to live together.

Those who grow up in the West are weaned on sex in both subtle and not so subtle ways. It is quickly learned through T.V. shows, commercials, movies, advertisements, songs, you name it, that being sexy is a desired goal and aim in life.

Even comic books abound with superheroes and heroines with fantastically well-proportioned bodies and they lead sexually active private lives where little is left to the imagination. Animated cartoon characters  make the message crystal clear about what makes a female desirable. The top selling video and computer games feature female characters with sexy bodies whose biggest audiences are adolescent boys and young men. Females are intensely focused on being sexually attractive and are conditioned to be so from the time they get their first Barbie. This is what makes the fashion, cosmetic and entertainment industries thrive.

Countless young girls admire and aspire to be ‘superstar’ beauty queens, models, singers, or actresses.

There is a phenomenal proliferation of ‘fan’ or entertainment magazines that feature the hottest entertainment stars who are known precisely for their sex appeal. The highest rated T.V. talk shows are those that commonly feature people who expose their most intimate and outlandish sexual behaviour. Moreover, homosexuality has now become accepted by a large number of people particularly in the West as well as in other circles that are “westernized”.

Bengali culture sets the highest possible standard of morality. However we are destroying our social structure under the influence of Westernization.


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