All about Bengali Women.

Rani Bhabani

Rani Bhabani is also famous as ‘NATORER RANI’ was married off to Raja Ramkanta, the then zamindar of Rajshahi. After his death, Bhabani became the de jure zamindar, and started being referred to as Rani, meaning queen. A woman as a zamindar was extremely rare in those days, but Rani Bhabani managed the vast Rajshahi zamindari most efficiently and effectively for over four decades. The annual rent of the estate to the crown was 7 million rupees, the real revenues being about 15 million.

However, what made Rani Bhabani a household name among the common people was her philanthropy and general generosity, combined with an austere personal life. The number of temples, guesthouses and roads she constructed across Bengal is believed to be in the hundreds. She also built numerous water tanks, alleviating the acute water problem of her subjects.

Her great contribution was in Tarapith & in Benaras.. In Varanasi there are two Durga temples. One is established by Rani Bhabani & another is by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar  of Indore. Till today the golden Durga is being worshipped in Benaras.


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