All about Bengali Women.

Devi Chaudhurani

Devi Chaudhurani is a Bengali novel, written by Bankim Chandra Chatterji in 1884. Bankim Chandra renewed call for a resurgent India that fights against oppression of the British Empire with strength from within the common people, based on traditional Indian values of austerity, dedication and selflessness. The struggle being led by a woman called Prafulla, the protagonist.

Prafulla is transformed from a simple village lass to a leader of people, a queen yet a saint by Bhabani Pathak and she is called “Devi Chaudhurani” – The Goddess Queen.

Prafulla learns everything from her alphabets to maths, philosophy, politics, music, and dance from the steady stream of teachers whom Bhabani appointed.

However at the end of the struggle, when she return to her in-law’s house, Prafulla is asked:-

“Can a queen become a mere daughter-in-law, an obedient wife, and a simple home maker?”

 Prafulla replies, “Yes, she can. That’s where a woman truly finds her fulfillment. This is a station that is more difficult than being a queen or an ascetic.”


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